Objective of the Robot

The robot was designed to follow a metallic tape stuck to the floor. At the discontinuities the robot had to find the tape again and at "T-points" in the tape it had to stopped before continuing. It also had to drive a perfect arc and along a straight line without the aid of the metal detectors. This task formed a good test for testing the accuracy of the software motor controller.

Robot Features and Hardware

  • Two metal detectors for following the metal tape.
  • Proximity sensor to prevent it driving into walls.
  • Remote control for controlling the robot remotely.
  • LCD display for displaying statistics and debugging the robot

Key Hardware

  • Atmel ATMega32 Microcontroller
  • L293B Push Pull 4 Channel Drivers
  • Faulhaber 12 V Motor Series 2233 012s
  • ICL7660 Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter
  • MM74C914 Hex Schmitt Trigger with Extended Input Voltage
  • KA7805 3-Terminal 1A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator


  • Schematic - Documentation of all the robot circuitry
  • Source Code - All the C source code for the Atmel ATMega32
  • Simulink Model - For designing the motor controller and simulating the motor response.




Robot Front View

Robot Side View


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