Setup Vino Server over SSH on Xubuntu 16.04/18.04

Server Setup

In the terminal, install the following packages:

$ sudo apt install vino dconf-editor ssh

Next configure the vino installation by running:

$ dconf-editor

and navigating to the path: /org/gnome/desktop/remove-access

dconf-editor screenshot

set the following properties:

Property Value Description
prompt-enabled false This allows one to connect remotely without manually having to accept the connection on the server
require-encryption false The connection will be tunneled through ssh
network-interface lo Since ssh tunneling is used, one does not want to expose the port to the network

There are a number ways of launching the vino server on startup but the simplest is probably to use the "Session and Startup" application which can be found in the task menu as follows:

Session and Startup in Task Menu

Once one has launched "Session and Startup" from menu, select the "Application Autostart" tab, then click "Add".
Enter the following:

Vino Server Autostart

Save the changes and finally reboot the server. The vino server should now be started automatically every time the server boots up.

Setup of the Xubuntu client

Install the following packages:

$ sudo apt install remmina openssh-client

Use ssh to port forward the vino server port to localhost:

$ ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 [username]@[server]

Open remmina, and create new profile for connecting to the server as follows:

Create a new Remmina profile

Provided the ssh port forwarding connection is up, one should able to double click on the profile it will connect to the remote machine.

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